Some inspiring quotes from The Return Of The Native:

"The time seems near, if it had not actually arrived, when the chastened sublimity of a moor, a sea, or a mountain will all be of nature that is absolutely in keeping with the moods of the more thinking among mankind.”

"Who can say of a particular sea that it is old? Distilled by the sun, kneaded by the moon, it is renewed in a year, in a day, or in an hour."

"The sea changed, the fields changed, the rivers, the villages, and the people changed, yet Egdon remained.”

"The silence of night pervaded the whole heath except in one direction; and that was towards Mistover..”

"But celestial imperiousness, love, wrath, and fervor had proved to be somewhat thrown away on netherward Egdon.  Her power was limited, and the consciousness of this limitation had biased her development.”

"She could show a most reproachful look at times, but it was directed less against human beings than against certain creatures of her mind, the chief of these being Destiny.”

…and also, from Alexander Theroux’s Introduction to the Modern Library Classics’s edition of the novel (1994): 

“...we eventually come to see that each soul carries about his or her every action a consistency central to his nature, and whatever fate one is dealt, there is invariably a rightness to the way things have fallen out."