The Mistover Tale was at once inspired by the natural forces of the island, by Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native, and also by the people who have lived or summered on Martha’s Vineyard.

The island, Noepe, the Native American (Wampanoag) name of Martha’s Vineyard - whatever name we give it - remains: constant yet ever reforming, enduring....

If someone in THE MISTOVER TALE seems like someone you once knew, it is a coincidence. But the real counterparts of these archetypal characters are all to be found living today, on the grass plains, dunes, beaches and in the scrub oak forests of Martha’s Vineyard, in the moors of Hardy’s Dorset, and in other lonely isolated places where nature reigns.

“The island of Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts. Some time ago...”

Thus begins our tale. Enjoy.



Harry Tappan Heher studied art history, and in shooting THE MISTOVER TALE he and the cinematographer Michael McDonough looked at many images of art, to inspire the shots and feel of the film. 

Music Inspiration

Jérôme Leroy’s haunting original soundtrack for THE MISTOVER TALE is now available for purchase here.

The following songs, a mix of American, Canadian, Irish and British rock, folk and country, were heard during the writing and filming of THE MISTOVER TALE (often for the first time), on house radios and computers that were permanently tuned to the island’s famed radio station, WMVY. These songs were inspiring and in many ways captured the mood of the story and of the island. The lyrics also seemed to hit right on the various emotional joys and pains felt by the six main characters. They should be credited and their creators thanked. 

WMVY has a devoted international online following at Long live WMVY!